Chief Executives, Boards of Directors and Senior Management Can
Trust in Grey Pearl Advisors’ Expertise and Partnership.

Meeting an organization where it is in its development, figuring out where it wants to go, and working with its leaders on how to get there is the core of Grey Pearl Advisors’ service offering.  Working with clients, Grey Pearl Advisors addresses each organization’s unique needs to achieve targeted results. Depending on the specific needs of each client, areas of focus may include:


pearl-purple Strategy and Business Initiatives

  • Developing, shaping, refining and executing business strategy and supporting initiatives in a variety of ways, including facilitating leadership meetings, gathering stakeholder input, and managing leadership sessions designed to build buy-in and support

pearl-purple Succession Development

  • Assessing top-line organization structures, bench strength and succession needs and designing action plans for succession development
  • Advising and providing guidance to boards of directors on organizational depth and developmental plan implementation

pearl-purple Organization Design and Governance

  • Designing and implementing organization structures that are aligned to business objectives, creating appropriate balance of power among leadership and ensuring position specifications and key role requirements are well articulated
  • Evaluating governance structures in order to design and implement change as needed to support organizational and key stakeholder requirements

pearl-purple Talent Management

  • Supporting clients to understand, measure and develop collective capability and individual talent based on standards for performance and potential; devising targeted action plans to create a strong pipeline of talent to meet both current and future needs
  • Working with boards of directors to ensure appropriate talent management and development plans are in place, executable and measurable

pearl-purple Performance Management and Rewards

  • Evaluating performance planning and measurement systems, implementing
    change as needed and ensuring alignment of rewards

pearl-purple Leadership Communication

  • Partnering with clients to evaluate and develop leadership communication
    in support of strategic business objectives, organization change, overall
    engagement and board of director updates

If you are a C-Level Executive, a member of Senior Management, or sit on the
Board of Directors, Grey Pearl Advisors can help accelerate your efforts to build
a successful company and develop strong management capability.